Roller Shades

Our roller shades not only bring a beautiful style to your space but also provide you with a series of advantages. Available from fine fabrics that regulate the entry of light, to alternatives of darker colors that allow you to increase your privacy, giving you that personalized atmosphere you are looking for.

Dual Shades

Thanks to the design and versatility of the double fabric system that provides elegance and illumination, our dual shade design represents a unique, modern, and innovative alternative for any type of space. Our variety of transparent and opaque fabrics offer a soft control of light to the interior and transparency to the exterior.

Cellular Shades

Our exclusive Cellular Shades collection is available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Thanks to their innovative honeycomb design, our curtain fabrics serve as an insulator from outside temperatures. Besides, their horizontal structure creates a modern and harmonious style. It’s a perfect decorative alternative for any type of facility.

Opera Shades Control System

Our Patent Pending Opera system offers a truly unique and perfect room darkening shade. Its innovative design combines the beauty of a wide assortment of elegant fabrics across a multitude of product categories with the functionality of a room darkening fabric. Besides, these shade combinations provide the ultimate in light control and protection from the sunʼs damaging UV rays, and they allow to optimize view in a living room or a dining room. The sleek, fabric wrapped cassette requires minimal mounting depth and a continual flow in your window.

Sunset Shades

Sunset Shades combines the beauty of elegant soft sheer face fabrics with woven floating semi-translucent fabric louvers. Its innovative design allows for unlimited creativity to suit any style of decor. It’s available in 4 distinct styles including the innovative Tango Fabric combining both sheer and solid fabric in the same horizontal louver. It’s capable of blocking the sun’s harmful rays. Besides, it provides an energy-efficient design. Easy to use the operating system, quietly allows the shade to be lifted and positioned at any desired level, even on wide width shades.

Perfect Sunset Shades

Maxxmar Perfect SunSet Shades is the newest introduction to the alternative shades and shadings product category. This innovative, patent-pending shade offers the ultimate in light control combining two shades in one sleek operating system. Available in all 4 distinct Sunset Shades Fabric styles including the innovative Tango fabric to give the interior shade its own unique look. Control options – Right/Right, Left/Left or Split Controls Right/Left as one of the product features. Besides, it includes a Child Safety system.

Vertical Shades

Maxxmar’s unique and versatile Vertical Shadings can be adjusted in many ways to maximize light control and privacy and to give you fabulous multiple looks. The Vertical Shadings feature an innovative and unique design that combines the best features and functionality of horizontal, vertical, and sunscreen shades into a single luxurious shading product.

Motorized Shades

The increasing automation of the various systems for our home gives us the possibility of having smart homes. Our motorized shades not only provide a modern aesthetic, but their function also guarantees a series of advantages for your well-being and comfort. It allows you to increase your security, your privacy and regulates the passage of light.

Mandalay Shades

Our exclusive Mandalay Shades will enhance any room décor allowing you to control the light while maximizing your view. The Optimum Design Advantage is that you can have partial room darkening on the top of the blind to protect your furnishings from UV rays while still allowing you to enjoy the view outdoors. Fabrics are truly environmentally friendly.

Roman Shades

The Roman Shades have a vast selection of fabrics that will enhance any décor. Our new “Assante Collection” of drapery style fabrics are every designers dream. Liners are optional from dim out to blackout.

Flat and Hobbled styles available on a cord lock system or a cord loop system. Many style choices are available from bottom up/top down to multiple shades on one headrail for wider windows.

Pleated Shades

The MiraVista Pleated Shades are available in a wide assortment of jacquards, solids, tone on tone prints and metalized backings, as well as room darkening fabrics tailored to fit any style of décor.

Available in both 1” traditional pleat and 2” large pleat. Cord Loop System, and Cordless options are available.