Horizontal Blinds

Blinds are functional and aesthetic pieces that provide an exclusive look to the decoration of your home. They are very versatile pieces and can be installed in any type of space. Their main purpose is to protect the interior of a home from external factors such as the weather, especially from the sun’s aggressive rays. The traditional design of horizontal lines provides an elegant and very modern style.

Vertical Blinds

There is no doubt that blinds are the perfect complement to decorate your home. Vertical blinds are functional for both home and work environments. So, get total control over the lighting in your space with our collection of vertical blinds, their versatility allows you to create a unique, exclusive, and harmonious environment.

Panel Tracks

Our innovative Panel Track Blinds offer a contemporary alternative for your large windows. It’s available in a wide selection of fabrics and natural woven materials. Whether to clean or replace, individual panels are easy to install and can be easily taken down from the track, which requires minimum maintenance, so you can clean it by using a hand-held vacuum or dusting without investing so much time.

2" Lucerne Wood Blinds

St. Moritz Wood Blinds are crafted from only the finest quality basswood in a full range of rich designer colours and warm wood tones. Available in 2” slat in both paints and stains.
To further enhance the look, choose from a complementary selection of 20 Decorative Tapes, which are available in solid, embossed or tone-on-tone textures.

2" Zurich Faux Wood Blinds

Zurich Faux Wood Blinds is a unique blend of resin and wood fused together to imitate the look and warmth of traditional wood blinds. Ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
They are available in 2” slats, plain, textured or print finishes and in a wide assortment of colours and tones.


2.5" Lucerne Distressed Wood Blinds

2 ½” Distressed Wood blinds have an innovative finish that will complement any furniture or décor.
This unique finish co-ordinates with many of today’s exotic wood floorings.


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