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A successful decoration of any space depends on the balance incorporation of certain factors and blinds cannot be overlooked. Blinds decoration should be done according to space’s characteristics. At Bellisa Blinds & Interiors we offer a wide variety of blinds for your property.


One of the most visible elements of any space is the wall. That’s why walls play an important role in aesthetic design. With our wallcovering service, you can improve the appearance of your walls through our wide variety of tones and colors. Let us help you choose the best option for you.

Stone countertops

There are no doubts that stone countertops represent one of the most coveted materials in the design and decoration industry. But stone countertops not only stand out for their aesthetic function but for their durability advantages, so they don’t require much maintenance.


Floors are one of the main focal points as well as walls. So the selection of the proper floor design is no less important a matter than the choice of wall colors, as each type of flooring serves not only an aesthetic but also a functional purpose. A proper choice of decorative flooring can magically transform your spaces.


Shutters are perfect for creating a beautiful, luxurious, harmonious, and comfortable environment. Besides, they are ideal for residential and commercial facilities. Our high-quality and decorative shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for your space.


Not only do we provide you a variety of quality decor products, but we integrate cutting-edge technology into our blinds to make your daily life easier. So make controlling your blinds as easy as clicking a button by motorizing your window fashion, and controlling them by the click of a button.


Shades are an imperative part of any room with windows. They are much more than their elegant appearance because allow helping you control the amount of light in your personal space, which means that the presence or absence of shades will define the mood of you your environment.

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We are a family-owned and operated business with extensive experience in interior design. We operate in Airdrie, Alberta, and Miami, Florida.

We want to provide you with the best experience, that’s why we adhere to the highest standards by using the best construction materials and the most innovative techniques in decoration and design to not only meet your needs but to exceed your expectations.

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Providing an excellent experience through our services is part of our goals, therefore, we strive to not only offer quality but a solid and trustworthy relationship with each of our customers.

We also want to be a reference for you.

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